Preschool and Kindergarten Classes

The Happy Feet preschool and kindergarten curriculum was designed by director Cece Bechelli and further developed through years of collective experience with instructors Sheri Bechelli, Sandy Taylor, Caitlin Bechelli, and Maria Elena Cacciatore. Students are taught basics in tap and jazz dance with some beginning ballet basics covered as well.  Approximately half of the class time is spent in tap shoes and the other half in ballet shoes. Students learn tap technique at the bar and center floor. Basics of shifting weight, moving in time to music, and incorporating moves into song and dance routines are taught in tap shoes.  Approximately halfway through the class, children change into their ballet shoes. In this portion of the class, students learn basic beginning jazz and ballet technique as well as creative movement and rhythm games. Students are encouraged to follow simple directions and praised for their participation and effort. The Happy Feet instructors provide a joyful, safe and encouraging atmosphere for our preschool and kindergarten dancers. Our goal is to expose the children to a stimulating and exciting dance environment while helping to build confidence and self-esteem.

Preschool and kindergarten classes begin in September and run until early June. Our preschool and kindergarten students participate in our end of school year recital. Classes for our three year olds are 45 minutes long. Classes for four year olds are 50 minutes long. Classes for five year olds are 55 to 60 minutes long. Our goal is to increase the length of class time as the children’s attention, interest and ability to focus increase. Generally five minutes of class time is added on to each class during the second half of the school year.