Purchase Happy Feet 2024 Spring Recital Footage

We are excited to present our digital footage from our April 21st performances! From this page you may purchase individual files of your student’s class dance or the entire* show. Each All-School Finale is free to download.

*The entire/complete show option includes footage from all three shows!

In most but not all cases, dances performed in multiple shows were edited together for optimal viewing.

Distribution is via wetransfer.com. Please feel free to decline their cookies the first time you visit the site. After clicking through their cookies and terms, the site will have a familiar Happy Feet feel.

Please note: Dance files are for individual family use only. Once you have purchased and downloaded the file, please do not share outside your immediate family. We are counting on the “honor system” regarding the distribution of our recital footage, as proceeds from this project help offset production expenses.

Dance Price File Size
Complete 2024 Happy Feet Spring Recital $45

15.7 GB

(30 files)

42nd Street Suite $25 1.8 GB
Show 1 Finale Free 0.4 GB
Show 2 Finale Free 0.4 GB
Show 3 Finale: It Don’t Mean a Thing – Shim Sham Free 0.4 GB
Acapella Shim Sham $13 0.2 GB
Baila Conmigo $13 0.4 GB
Bare Necessities $13 0.4 GB
Batonga $13 0.5 GB

Be Our Guest

(Shows 1 and 2 edited together, show 3 independent)


0.9 GB

(2 files)

Better When I’m Dancing $13 0.5 GB
Choose Your Fighter $13 0.4 GB
Classic Cuban $13 0.5 GB
Come Alive $13 0.5 GB
Come Dance With Me $13 0.4 GB
Crowd Go Crazy $13 0.5 GB
Everyday $13 0.6 GB
Fleetwood Mac Suite $13 1.4 GB
Four Hugs a Day $13 0.4 GB
Lovely $13 0.4 GB
Mack the Knife $13 0.5 GB
Me and My Teddy $13 0.5 GB
Never Going Back Again $13 0.4 GB
New York, New York and City Lights $13 0.9 GB
Obla Di Obla Da $13 0.5 GB
Shine Your Way $13 0.5 GB
Spring Waltz $13 0.4 GB
Stepping Into Their Footsteps $13 0.5 GB
The Beat $13 0.4 GB
Three Little Birds $13 0.5 GB