Happy Feet Calendar 2024-2025

September 9 (Monday)
Happy Feet opens!

November 25 (Monday) through Nov. 29 (Friday)
Happy Feet closed for Thanksgiving break.

December 16 (Monday) through January 3 (Friday)
Happy Feet closed for winter break- please note that we are closed for 3 weeks.

January 6 (Monday)
Classes resume.

February 17 (Monday) through February 21 (Friday)
Happy Feet closed for mid-winter break.

April 7 (Monday) through April 11 (Friday)
Happy Feet closed for spring break

April 14 (Monday)
Happy Feet classes resume.

May 26 (Monday)
Happy Feet closed for Memorial Day.

May 27 (Tuesday)
Happy Feet classes resume and continue through Monday, June 2nd. Please note that this is our last week of class for the year (Tuesday, May 27 through Monday, June 2).


High School dancers performing to music from The Great Gatsby on stage!