Tiny Toes

Thursday at 10:00 am

**We will be opening an additional class on Wednesday at 10:00 am. Please email us if you are interested in joining!

Happy Feet Dance School Promo

The Happy Feet Tiny Toes program was started twenty-four years ago by director, Cece Bechelli. At that time, her then two-year-old twin daughters saw their older brother dancing in class at Happy Feet, and they too wanted to dance.  The class is designed for the two to three year old child and a participating parent/partner.

Happy Feet instructor Sheri Bechelli provides a fun, loving, safe, encouraging, and joyful atmosphere in which the child can begin to learn about music and dance. Basics of shifting weight, moving in time to music, singing songs, learning rhythm games, dancing with ribbons, tambourines and other props are all incorporated into this action packed 45 minute class. Very basic beginning concepts of tap, ballet, and jazz are taught as well. Students are encouraged and praised for participating and following simple and fun directions. Tiny Toes classes run in 10-week sessions throughout the school year.